Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There are apparently more than a million ways to make money online. However, few people have tapped into the potential of using free beat maker software to make those crazy hip-hop and rap beats for sale online and generate income. Finding a beat maker software is not hard all. Simply google your keywords correctly and you will find numerous leads that you can follow to find both free software and software for sale. Either of them will work for you as a beginner. I will recommend you get started with a free beat maker software then later on after you have sold your beats can use some of your income to buy an advanced beat maker software.
Most of the beat maker software requires installation on your computer and doesn’t even take up much of your storage space. Alternatively, you can find software for use over the internet so that you will only need to log in and can make your beats from any computer that has an internet connection. Learning how to use a free beat maker won’t take you ages as long as you have an interest and a good ear for music. In fact a few minutes is enough to get yourself oriented with the various features required to make a sample beat. Most of the software comes with demos that clearly show how various sounds have been organized in the working space to make beats. A free beat maker will allow you to export the beats you make at least into mp3 and wav formats.
When you have started to make beats that your friends can nod their heads to, it’s time now to go making the sales online so that you can get motivated to work harder. An hustlers ambition can take him or her to places. Who knows, your beats might just impress one of the biggest artistes in the industry! There are many sites out there that help thousands of producers to sell their beats online. You will only need to create your accounts with them and then upload your beats for sale. You will also have the options to either sell your beats on non-exclusive or exclusive terms. Using non-exclusive, you may charge lower prices but sales of the same beat will be unlimited. You can sell it over and over again. For the exclusive rights, you can only sell your beat once so you need charge it to the maximum of its worth. Using your free beat maker software, you can make even more than 5 beats in a day and upload them for sale. The price for each beat depending on the site where you will be selling can range from $10 to thousands of dollars. That definitely give you an idea of how much you can make with your free beat maker software.